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Hints & Tips

Your pillow should be aired before first use.


Memory foam often comes with a light odour. It is recommended to allow a few hours of airing after opeing the pillow, so the odour will fade away.


Bamboo Soft Comforter Cover


The bamboo fabric soft cover can be removed and machine washed - on a gentle wash or Hand-washed in a large basin or tub.


Memory foam pillows are easy to maintain.


Memory foam pillows cannot be washed in the washer.


Washing machines are far too aggressive and can agitate the memory foam, causing it to crumble.  Hand-wash memory foam pillows in a large basin or tub.


Use lukewarm water.  Not too hot, not too cold – the perfect temperature for hand-washing a memory foam pillow.


Only a small amount of gentle detergent is needed.  Likewise, only use enough water to cover the pillow.  Gently massage the detergent into the memory foam pillow, squeezing it throughout to evenly clean.


Rinse thoroughly.  To ensure all soap has been rinsed from your pillow, it is important to repeatedly rinse your memory foam pillow.  Thoroughly check to make sure all suds are gone.


Do not dry memory foam pillows in the dryer.


High heat can agitate memory foam and cause the memory foam pillow to crumble.  It is best to let the memory foam pillow air dry on a flat, clean surface, preferably in the sun.  Make sure the memory foam pillow is thoroughly dry before using it again.  Leftover moisture and residue can cause mold and mildew.


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